Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Book "Handmade Gifts From The Heart"

We have a little more info on our book "Handmade Gifts For The Holidays". It will be available in digital and printed form. Printed copies will be available for the United States area only due to the cost of shipping. The printing version will start shipping this Saturday. The digital version will be available on our website sometime next week. You can purchase our book by visiting and select "money", then "send money" and send $20 to for the "account". The digital copy will be available for $12 and the printed version for $20 which includes shipping. We thank everyone for their interest in our publication and you can always email me at for any questions you may have. I will post more information in a few days when the digital version is available with our website link to visit, but we are offering early shipping to those ordering our printed version which includes a small gift, knitting related. Here is a photo of our cover:

Janet Nogle

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