Friday, November 6, 2015

November 5th 2015 Swatch - Box Stitch

My Internet was down yesterday which makes this a day late.  Anyway he is our swatch for the 5th:

Nov 5th Box Stitch Swatch
Copyright Janet Nogle © 2015
Level of  Difficulty:  Easy

Size:  5 X 5 ¼

Cast on:        Multiple of 4 + 2 stitches (16+2+4 Border stitches = 22)


1 Skein Cotton Yarn

#6 US Needles

This is just a knit and purl pattern.  When completed it does look like little boxes.

One difference with this design I can tell you that if I were going to work up an item with this pattern, I would start with 2 border rows but would not add any border rows at the end of the item.  The reason I say  this is it makes a kind of gap and doesn’t appear well.  So if you are looking at advice and tips, you might want to remember that one.  If you enlarge the photo you will see what I mean,

I used rose pink for this pattern and it looks good in that color.  This is also one I think you could do with pastel variegated yarns.

Border Rows:
Rows 1-2:    Knit across

Row 1:          K4, *P2, K2*; Repeat between *’s  ending with K2.
Row 2:          K2, P2, *K2, P2*; Repeat between *’s ending with K2.
Row 3:          K2, P2, *K2, P2*; Repeat between *’s ending with K2.
Row 4:          K4, *P2, K2*; Repeat between *’s ending with K2.

Repeat the above 4 rows until desired length.   I would not add a border, just finish off with:
Bind Off, weave in ends. I completed 8 sets of the rows.

If you wanted to do a dishcloth I would cast on 32 +2 + 6 border stitches = 40

Row 1:           B3, K2 *P2, K2*; Repeat between *’s, B3
Row 2:          B3, P2, *K2, P2*; Repeat between *’s, B3
Row 3;          Repeat row 2
Row 4:          Repeat row 1

Repeat these rows until desired length.
Bind off
Weave  in ends

Good luck, any questions I can be reached at


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