Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5th Swatch - Sailor's Rib

Hi, here is our first swatch of the year.  It is called "Sailor's Rib".  It is an elongated design and would look great as a towel or table runner too.

Sailor's Rib:

Copyright 2016 © Janet Nogle
Difficulty Level:   Beginner
 Materials:1 skein of cotton yarn

#7 US Knitting Needles Cast on:          20 StitchesMultiple of 5 + 1 stitches (15 + 1+ 4 border sts = 20 stitches) 

Notes:     K1b = Knit 1 stitch in “back” of stitch.  For more info on how to complete this stitch visit www.knittinghelp.com 


Row 1:     Knit Across

Row 2:     Knit Across 


Row 1:    (RS) K2, K1b, *P1, K2, P1, K1b*; repeat between *’s, end K2.

Row 2:    (WS) K2, P1, *K1, P2, K1, P1*; repeat between *’s, end K2.

Row 3:    K2, K1b, *P4, K1b *; repeat between *’s; end K2.

Row 4:    K2, P1, *K4, P1*; repeat between *’s, end K2 

Repeat above 4 rows for pattern until desired length (I repeat the 4 rows, 5 more times)


Row 1:    Knit across

Row 2:    Knit across Bind off, weave in ends.           

If you want to make a dishcloth, follow the same rows but substitute K2 at beginning and end with K4 and cast on 39 (30 + 1 + 8 border) 

To make a towel I would cast on 49 (40 + 1 + 8 = 49) 

Janet Nogle

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  1. Janet, this is exactly what I needed to keep my needles working. Looks like something easy yet interesting.
    Thank you