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April 20th 2016 Swatch - April Showers

April 20th Swatch – April Showers Lace Eyelet Swatch

Copyright © Janet Nogle 2016

Materials:  1 skein cotton yarn (I used Sugar N Cream Pastel Print)
Needle:      US #6 Knitting needles

This swatch was done using staggered lace eyelets, most patterns call for a “lined up” lace eyelets.  Staggering looks more like rain so I used that method. 

The original stitch calls for a multiple of 3 + 2 stitches but if you use the staggered eyelets it may come out different.

Note: “B” means = Border

Cast on:     21 stitches

Rows 1-2:   Knit across row.
Row 1:        Knit Across Row.
Row 2:        K2, P17, K2.
Row 3:        Knit Across Row.
Row 4:        K2, P17, K2.
Row 5:        (RS) BK2, K2, *YO K2Tog, K4; Repeat from *; end YO K2Tog, K1, BK2.
Row 6:        K2, P17, K2.
Row 7:        Knit Across Row.
Row 8:        K2, P17, K2
Row 9:        BK2, YO K2Tog, K3, YO K2Tog, K4, YO K2Tog, K2, YO K2Tog, BK2.
Row 10:      K2, P17, K2.
Row 11:       Knit Across Row.
Row 12:       K2, P17, K2.

Repeat rows 5-12 for pattern.

I repeated rows 5-12 2 more times and repeated rows 5 – 8 one (1) more time.

Border rows:
Rows 1 & 2: Knit across rows.
Bind off
Weave in Ends.

If you do not want staggered rows of eyelets, you can use the pattern at the bottom of the page called “Eyelet Lace” for a cloth where the multiple of stitches are 3 + 2 and the eyelets are in line.

April Showers Cloth

Cast on 43

Rows 1-4:   Knit Across.
Row 1:        Knit Across.
Row 2:        K3, P37, K3.
Row 3:        Knit Across.
Row 4:        K3, P37, K3.
Row 5:        K5, *YO K2Tog, K4: Repeat from * to last 8 stitches; YOK2Tog, K6.
Row 6:        K3, P37, K3.
Row 7:        Knit Across.
Row 8:        K3, P37, K3.
Row 9:        K3, YO K2Tog, K3 YO K2Tog, K4, YO K2tog, K2, YO K2Tog, K3, YO K2Tog, K4, YO K2Tog, K2, YO K2Tog, K3, YO K2Tog, K3.
Row 10:      K3, P37, K3.
Row 11:       Knit Across.
Row 12:       K3, P37, K3.

Repeat rows 5-12 for pattern.

Rows 1-4:   Knit Across Row.
Bind off
Weave in ends.

Eyelet Lace Stitch:
Multiple of 3 + 2 stitches + border stitches.

Row 1:        Knit across
Row 2:        Purl across
Row 3:        (RS) K2, *YO K2Tog, K1; Repeat from * to end.
Row 4:        Purl
Repeat these four rows for pattern.

Janet Nogle

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