Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5th 2017 Swatch - Picket Fence Swatch

Here is our swatch for September 5th.  It is a stretchy stitch which would be good for garments.

September 5th 2017 Swatch – Picket Fence Swatch

Copyright © Janet Nogle 2017

Level of  Difficulty:  Easy

Materials: 1 skein of cotton yarn.
#6 US Knitting Needles

Notes:  B = border stitch of 2 knit stitch on each side.
K2Tog = Knit 2 Stitches Together
C.O.= Cast On = Start to knit next stitch, with completed stitch still on right needle, turn your needle to the right (twist), transfer stitch to left needle.   To watch this done go to:  www.knittinghelp.com

Cast on:      Multiple of 2 (22 which includes border sts.) Cast on 22 stitches
Row 1:        Knit across.
Row 2:        Knit across.

Row 1:        B2, *C.O. 1 (then Knit that stitch), K2Tog; work across row ending B2.
Work row 1 throughout. I repeated row 1 twenty times.

Row 1:        Knit across
Row 2:        Knit across

Work to desired length.

You can make into a cloth by adding more stitches to cast on. You may want to increase the border stitches to 4 on each end and increasing the pattern stitches to 30 + 8 border = 38 stitches. 

Janet Nogle

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