Friday, May 4, 2018

May 5th 2018 Swatch - Spring Dragon

Here is our first Swatch for May:

May 5th 2018 Swatch Spring Dragon

Copyright © Janet Nogle 2018

1 skein of cotton yarn, #6 or #7 Knitting Needles.
Notes:  B = Border Stitches

Cast on: 26 (22+4Bor=26)

Rows 1-2:     Knit across.
Row 1:           Knit across.
Row 2:           B2, P22, B2.
Repeat rows 1 & 2, two more times.

Row 7:           B2, K13, P2, K7, B2.
Row 8:           B2, P7, K3, P12, B2.
Row 9:           B2, K3, P1, K8, P3, K7, B2.
Row 10:        B2, P2, K3, P3, K3, P6, K1, P4, B2.
Row 11:        B2, K5, P1, K5, P3, K1, P6, K1, B2.
Row 12:        B2, P1, K11, P3, K1, P6, B2.
Row 13:        B2, K7, P1, K2, P10, K2, B2.
Row 14:        B2, P3, K11, P8, B2.
Row 15:        B2, K9, P6, K7, B2
Row 16:        B2, P10, K4, P8, B2.
Row 17:        B2, K6, P7, K9, B2.
Row 18:        B2, P10, K1, P1, K6, P4, B2.
Row 19:        B2, K2, P8, K12, B2.
Row 20:        B2, P12, K9, P1, B2.
Row 21:        B2, K1, P3, K2, P3, K13, B2.
Row 22:        B2, P13, K4, P5, B2.
Row 23:        B2, K5, P4, K13, B2.
Row 24:        B2, P13, K5, P4, B2.
Row 25:        B2, K4, P4, K14, B2.
Row 26:        B2, P15, K2, P5, B2.
Row 27:        Knit across
Row 28:        B2, P22, B2.

Repeat rows 27 & 28 two more times

Rows 1-2:     Knit across.

Bind off and weave in ends.

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